8 ways to prepare for that flight that make it easier you


If you’re planning on taking a trip by airplane, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as a passport or visa if required. Next, check with your airline to see if there are any restrictions on what you can bring onboard in terms of carry-on luggage and food. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the airport security procedures so that you know what to expect when going through the checkpoint. Airports are a crazy place with people arriving and departing the more organised that you are the better the trip and better forewarned what might happen.
By following these simple steps things could get easier for you

Confirm your travel days with your work

even if you applied for it through the right channels. Once my boss got my days mixed up and when i came back from my trip, they weren’t too happy as i couldn’t prove that i had applied for those days.

Research your destination

I find checking out how far the airport is from where you are going important and the costs for various transport. Most places have train transport which is usually cheaper. Some airports will have people trying to get you involved in some high cost scheme to get you to your destination. Having someone organized to pick you up is a good option especially if it is late at night or early morning.

Book your accommodation in advance for the arrival date 

Having a place to arrive at once you get off the plane is essential to recover from a long flight especially. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to find a place to stay at when you are tired and jet lagged

Choose the right airline

be aware of what you really want out of a airline. If you don’t mind being seated with anyone and crammed in together then book with a no frills operator. But before i book i would look at the history of the airline to check what the airline is rated at and what is the safety record like.
If you enroll in a frequent flyer program you can sometimes sit in their Airline lounge and get free snacks and drinks, plus you get more points for your next trip.

Book your flight in advance

Try to book your airline ticket in advance as much as you can for not only cheaper prices but for better seating.

Get travel insurance

Make sure you get travel insurance especially if you are going where the health costs are high and there is no reciprocal health agreement with your country of origin. Or sometimes the health system might be so bad that they have to fly you back home and that can mount up into the thousands. If you got a present health condition travel insurance could be higher for you. And if you are doing dangerous sports or activities, you might not be covered.
Sometimes if you book with a particular credit card, they will cover your travel insurance. Travel insurance may also cover you for cancelled or changed flights

Check visa requirements

It’s no fun arriving in a country and finding out you need a visa or entry pass. I did this flying to Canada from Australia and had to stopover in LA., as i didn’t have a visa for the States i had stay in a room till the flight left for Canada. Also, some countries like Argentina, Bali hit you with a high entry visa cost which can be over $100 each. Also, these days some countries need to have Vaccination requirements met before you can enter.
If you are planning to work in that particular country make sure you have all your documents (not false) with you, as the customs can do background checks on your phone and interview.

Also make sure your passport has at least months validity to expiry date from your last destination as some countries won’t let you enter with less.

Pack light

there is nothing worse than arriving at the airport with a trailer load of baggage. I know woman like to take their whole wardrobe, but some rationing will help with mixing and matching clothes combinations. If you take too much find out from airline what costs involved and if you prepay it is a cheaper option.
Travelling light also makes it easier to get around to different locations. Find out what the weather or temperature is like so that you have necessary clothes at hand easy to get to. You can carry that in your carryon bag/s.I usually carry on all my electronic gear to keep it safe from the wear and tear of normal baggage.

Choose comfortable clothing

Stuck in a plane for hours is not what everyone dreams of, so to make it a bit more comfortable wear loose fitting comfortable clothes.

Bring a jumper

I was coming back from Bali and the plane was like a sauna i complained to the Air Hostess, but she was unable to help me as some people were saying it was too cold before that. So, ability to add or remove excess clothing is good because the temperatures can vary sometimes

Wear slip-on shoes

I would wear slip on shoes because it makes it easier to take off especially if you cheat up or want to relax more. Wearing shoes everyone has to suffer the smell of your socks and sweating feet.

Avoid checked baggage fees

 buy if you can some local currency before you go

Pack essential medications

If you suffer from jet lag .. get some sunshine before you go or if you can take melatonin that help. Take some ginger also before your flight with some garlic. If you are going to a country with mosquitos take some citronella or cinnamon oil to repel them.

Bring your own snacks

you should be able to carry on certain foods especially if you buy it duty free.

Stay hydrated during the flight

i would drink maybe a litre of water before i got on the flight, just so you don’t get dehydrated from the crowded flight.

IF you are a bigger person i would drink more water and if you are thirsty during the flight hunt down the Hostess/steward for some water. Staying hydrated and stretching your legs on a flight stops any thrombosis form in your legs, which in serious cases can cause pulmonary embolism.

Check airline app or website

To check if there have been delays to your flight either from delays overseas or something like snow or fog enveloping the airport.